Anastasiia Agafonova

– I love creating concepts and generating ideas on a great variety of topics from social issues to pure art and even commercial, and for different media, including non-standard. My main fields of interest for now are: urban projects and developing city culture, exploring national identities, work with kids, psychological and social experiments, the effect of different sounds on us and ASMR phenomenon, self-exploring of a human, manipulation techniques applied to us by mass media and governments, the aesthetics of imperfection. – Usually I work on a project from creating the idea from scratch, developing it and directing it to its final production which is often a collaboration with other artists. – I work mainly on the conceptual and the verbal part of ideas, films, art-installations, written pieces like scripts and other. And as a director of the project or videos and their editing. – Recently I started to experiment with music production. – And drawing. – I am a member of the Coalition of Creatives “Imaginary Friends”.

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