Alfonso Almendros

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Alfonso Almendros

My interest towards Fine Arts is especially focused in the field of Photography. My photographic works are often characterized by an autobiographical component. I have been always interested in certain incidents and persons belonging to the past that somehow had influenced on the course of my life. Mostly they are elements that I feel familiar with but at the same time very distant from, like weak shades in my memories and vague episodes of a time that I am not able to remember. Somehow I feel pushed to investigate more about this cause-effect process. I feel like involved in a kind of roaming to some remote distances of my memory. Everything seems distant but maybe for that unknown character, I feel more curious about them.

This is an interesting starting point where I can find the themes of my projects. I am interested in that faculty of the camera to be connected with the past and the memories. Probably in an unconscious way – that’s the only reason why I started to use the camera. A picture turns into a perfect catalyst of time, and this last one is an enigma completely related to our memory. After we stop a moment of the movement of the objective reality, the daily things acquire a mysticism loaded with questions with different answers. Therefore, metaphors and symbologies are vital elements in my pictures. I like to take the objects and incidents out of context as a means to create a symbolical language where dark and vague ideas become quietly noticeable. Photography becomes a kind of conspiratorial wink that the observer must interpret in an intuitive way. This idea to create images with diffuse meanings is a constant in my work.

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