Artfield: Visual arts

Rita Vargas

In my work, I look upon universal values of compassion and the natural human need for connection by showing openly messages of resistance, defiance, loneliness, isolation in contrast with sharp energy of colours, strong statements through light installations, provoking video art, sensual (or some may say scandalous) images. My art communicates with the audiences with …

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Juliana Irene Smith

As an artist, I have never conformed to a medium, but always used art as an access point to say something, to do something, because I was never going to be a politician, I was never going to be a human rights lawyer. But I had to do something. My focus has been on post-trauma, how it affects …

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Ulla Prami

I am an architect and a visual artist. My paintings, illustrations and short movies have been presented in several exhibitions and publications in many countries. As an architect I focus on renovation and wooden design. My performances are improvisational and based on the art of teaching yoga.

Senseless Residency 2020, Milan

Deadline: 10th February 2020 SENSELESS RESIDENCY 2020, curated by Cose Cosmiche ARTHUR CRAVAN FOUNDATION _ Milan Session 2020: maximum 3 senseless residencies. Selected projects will be announced on February 25.   WHAT Arthur Cravan Foundation and Cosmic Things announces a residency programme and provides a place for developing and working on projects deemed to be …

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Dahlia El Broul

Dahlia El Broul

I’m an illustrator for the past 15 years with a focus on children’s books. What I love is that children’s literature is at the intersection of literacy and art appreciation—it’s a foundational reference for the mind to come. I’m keen to find the distinct ways in which children’s book literature can empower and celebrate cultural …

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