Artfield: Visual arts


I am applying after hearing some details about your database and program from Elham Rahmati. I will be participating in the Catalysti exhibition that is coming up and would love to participate in the respect as well.

Eirini Tiniakou

I was born in Athens, Greece (1993) and studied a BFA in Athens School of Fine Arts (2018) and a MA in the Department of Art and Science, University of Applied Arts Vienna (2021). Lately, I move between Helsinki (where I am based), Lesvos Island and Vienna. My practice is grounded in field research, involving …

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Amanda Lono

I would like to be a member of Catalysti because I believe in the importance of community and net support as an artist. I’m a resident in Finland and being an outsider makes me closer to artists who are migrants expressing their realities through their practice.

Eduardo Solorzano Tejeda

. . I am a Hybrid designer with a broad experience in product design (UX/UI), visual branding, graphic design, illustration, textile design, and prints. I am also a design and art instructor, cultural promoter, and workshop facilitator. I enjoy creating visual artwork and crafts. In my free time, I practice musical and cultural activities related …

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