Artfield: Textile arts

Gladys Camilo

Gladys Camilo (b. Compton, CA) is a visual artist, cultural worker, DJ and co-founder of MYÖS—a DIY and genre-fluid electronic music collective, platform and network for underrepresented actors in Helsinki. Her main interests within her practice are the intersections and ecologies of identity, trauma and the migrational experiences of people of color; as well as …

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Kamila Sladowska

I was born in 1996 in Warsaw and I am an interdisciplinary visual artist currently living in Helsinki. Within my research I explore inspirations from culture anthropology and permacultural thinking about creation. I work around the topics of diversity and diffusion of the matter in universe. I create installations, textiles, performances, objects and paintings (colour …

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Irina Kreer-Boulay

I’m multi-discipline visual artist & designer. As an artist I am interested in ever-changing values and values that stay unchanged through time. The environment, the political system, rules and living conditions are our heritage that forms and influences our way of living. I consider my works as an invitation for thought and discussions.

Vidha Saumya

Vidha Saumya is a poet, drawer, cook and a bookmaker. Currently researching conceptual perspectives, experiments in authorship, future of the book, core curatorial activities and artistic positions through practices of self-publishing from a testimonial position of a brown immigrant woman in the non-brown environs of Helsinki.

Senseless Residency 2020, Milan

Deadline: 10th February 2020 SENSELESS RESIDENCY 2020, curated by Cose Cosmiche ARTHUR CRAVAN FOUNDATION _ Milan Session 2020: maximum 3 senseless residencies. Selected projects will be announced on February 25.   WHAT Arthur Cravan Foundation and Cosmic Things announces a residency programme and provides a place for developing and working on projects deemed to be …

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