Artfield: Music

Vasileios Katopodis

Global Music. Greek Rebetiko meets the Caribbean and South American musical traditions, Finland as a meeting space, Global roots in Glocal context. Building Bridges

Ilaria Tucci

I am a theatre practitioner, interested in the intersection of citizen participation, peace education, nonviolent communication and applied theatre. I am currently completing my Doctoral dissertation in Peace Studies, with research focusing on a community-based theatre experience I facilitated in Lampedusa (2016-2017) with local activists about how the militarization of the island and the migration …

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Anu Aamu Aurora Pulkkinen

I work as a singer, both as a performing artist and as a teacher of classical singing. I also conduct choirs. I sing in opera and musical productions, give concerts and perform in many kinds of events. I regularly sing in a chamber music orchestra, but also perform with a pianist or other accompaniment. I …

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Pia Hyppönen

My clown concept: There is no concept. Something happens, when I get into my costume, paint my face white and put on the red nose. I don’t speak, I don’t do tricks. I am in the moment, interacting with the people. I see a world full of wonders and am excited to share my joy …

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