Artfield: Multidisciplinary

Özgu Gündeşlioğlu

Özgü Gündeşlioğlu is a ceramic artist who concentrates on material-based experimentality through the concept of interface. She concerns herself with plasticity, agencies other than maker, and knowledge hierarchy. Her works move around process-based, collaborative, and improvised practices.

Paola Nieto

Paola Nieto (b.1990, Mexico City) is a cultural manager and performing artist based in Helsinki. She is experienced on artist management and event production in the fields of music and performing arts. She has worked for several organizations and artists such as Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin, April Jazz Festival, Alejandro Marcovich, JazzMx, and The …

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Dash Che (they/them) is a Russian American queer nonbinary dance and performance artist, working with concepts, body, languages, contested questions of patriotism, choreographic writing and intimacies. Dash has been making performance and dance work in San Francisco, USA since 2006 and worked in St. Petersburg, Russia as a facilitator of Telaboratoria, a dance program for …

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Chih-Tung Lin

Chih-Tung Lin is a curator and artist originally from Taiwan, and based in Helsinki, Finland since 2019. Lin works multidisciplinarily, between curation, performance art and illustration. Their practice involves constant discussion on topics related to communication, social relations and play. The latest version of their ongoing performance series Free Personal Attention made its appearance at SUPERMARKET …

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Gladys Camilo

Gladys Camilo (b. Compton, CA) is a visual artist, cultural worker, DJ and co-founder of MYÖS—a DIY and genre-fluid electronic music collective, platform and network for underrepresented actors in Helsinki. Her main interests within her practice are the intersections and ecologies of identity, trauma and the migrational experiences of people of color; as well as …

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