Artfield: Media Art

Samra Sabanovic

(b.Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Helsinki. She has been mostly working with photography and combining it with text, video and performative narrative. Her interests oscillate between philosophy in photography and politics: the right to be, human dignity, both love and inaccessibility in images. Currently, Samra is in pursuit to …

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Tyler Liu

Yi-yang (Tyler) Liu (b. 1980, Taichung) is a Taiwanese art educator, activist, and critical media creator living in Espoo. In 2020, he obtained a master’s degree in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education from Aalto University and is currently participating in a nondegree doctoral program in the Department of Media. His research-creation journey focused on …

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Shareef Askar

Shareef Askar is a Finnish media artist and an independent filmmaker with Palestinian origins. Currently finalising his degree as a master’s student in New Media Design and Production at Aalto University, Shareef has primary experience in the mediums of animation, film, illustration and experimental media production prior to his master’s studies. His artwork has been …

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Kush Badhwar

Kush BADHWAR is an artist and filmmaker operating across media, art, cinematic and other social contexts. He is interested in the ecology of sound and image across stretches of time and political change. He believes in the potential of research and collectivity. To this end, he has worked closely with wala, Word Sound Power, Frontyard …

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Stephen Christopher Stamper

Stephen Christopher Stamper is a British-born artist and immigrant living and working in Helsinki. Through sound work, installation and performance, Stephen has explored themes of decay, memory and obsolescence, the body and its relationship to illness, the manipulation and execution of code by machine, and extreme metal music culture.