Artfield: Illustration

Olga Veselovskaya

In Russian my last name refers to the word joy. I want my art to help people feel joy, to see the amazing and wonderful in the very ordinary things of their everyday life. My favorite themes are nature, animals and fantasy. It feels delighting when the people looking at my works forget their sorrows …

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I’m interested in a broad range of disciplines in visual communication. Art is as fascinating to me as an illustration or graphic design. So I have studied and practiced all the disciplines. I love also to teach and share my experience with others. At the moment I teach graphic design and illustration at Lahti Academy …

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Irina Kreer-Boulay

I’m multi-discipline visual artist & designer. As an artist I am interested in ever-changing values and values that stay unchanged through time. The environment, the political system, rules and living conditions are our heritage that forms and influences our way of living. I consider my works as an invitation for thought and discussions.

Elena Howlader

Artist and designer currently based in Helsinki, started painting at an early age and followed the artistic path since high school. She is currently focussed more on applied art and design but continues to paint and draw as drawing has always been the core of her artistic and creative expression. Sketching has a high importance …

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Adnan Mirza

My practice initially started with experimenting surfaces; often these surfaces were created on canvases that were made to look like walls, stone and floor. I was interested in replicating surfaces that I observed all around me. After graduating in Painting from National College of Arts in Pakistan, I pursued my career working in the gaming …

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