Artfield: Film


Alise Polacenko

I’m an actress and acting coach that lives permanently in Helsinki. I lead MADteatteri and organize workshops for everyone who is interested and wants to understand the art of acting. Now I am also developing my directing skills as one day I would like to create amazing theatre performances myself. In my free time I …

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Oliver Whitehead

Oliver Whitehead lives and works in Helsinki since 1973. He studied at Hornsey College of Art, London, 1967-70, then at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki in 1970-71. He taught at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts in 1987-1997. Whitehead is active in various art fields, such as live cinema, photography, installation, drawing, painting, graphics, …

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Azar Saiyar

Azar Saiyar is Helsinki-based filmmaker and visual artist. She often uses archive materials and plays with images and words of collective memory to look towards ways of looking, speaking, remembering and telling stories. She also does collaborative works with other artists. Her films have been screened at international film and media art festivals, galleries, exhibitions, …

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Uzair Amjad

Uzair Amjad is a multidisciplinary artist dealing with the fragmentation, consciousness, and memory of our experiences in a digitalized society. He sees digital technology as incapable of preserving the symbolic and imaginative dimensions of knowledge and meanings that we humans have created to understand the world. Amjad’s work examines how this flawed interpretation has led …

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