Artfield: Film

Magnus Miekka

The best kinds of projects are the ones that leave me with a fire burning in my chest. Although I mostly do costumes for theatre, film and circus, I organise workshops for textile art regularly. Organic and flowing forms can be found allover my art and is what I’m naturally drawn to when drawing textiles. Far-off from …

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I am applying for Catalysti to network with and raise awareness of transcultural artists in Finland.

Harold Hejazi

Harold Hejazi, also known locally as “Harri,” is a Canadian artist and game designer currently living in Helsinki. His work employs various modes of gamified performance in order to explore issues and ideas that span a broad spectrum of social life: from race and class to social memory and interpersonal dynamics. In recent years he …

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Samra Šabanović

Samra Šabanović (b. Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Helsinki. She has been mostly working with photography and combining it with text, video and performative narrative. Her interests oscillate between philosophy in photography and politics: the right to be, human dignity, both love and inaccessibility in images. Currently, Samra is …

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