Artfield: Dance


Tatiana Solovieva

During many years of my dance and theatre studies the most interesting and fascinating form of thinking and acting I found existentialism. The clear and strong artistic message together with filosofical questions keep turning dialogs in the minds of the audience and probably have some influence on our thoughts and lives. Most probably. The last …

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Nadja Pärssinen

Nadja Pärssinen (Fin./Rus.) is a Finnish choreographer, performer and movement teacher based in Southern Finland. Often her works involves instant composition, text, intersdiscilipinary art forms and releations to the sound and movement. She is a initiator of a collaboration platfrom FlowWowProductions which was established in 2018. She has been working as a choreographer and perfomer …

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Geneva Rosett-Hafter

I have been an active artist since I graduated high school in California. I enjoy collaborations, pulling artists and dancers together to create something new. I graduated from Laban in London in 2008, moving to Helsinki in 2011 to pursue an artistic career. I teach a free Croquis class at the Sarjakuvakeskus and art to …

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Jay Mar Albaos

I am currently researching about embodied migration: concepts about “inside” and “outside”, place-making, home, homeless, and homelessness I am using what I call artistic immersion with the Filipino working migrant community in Finland.


Riikka Theresa Innanen

Dancer-choreographer working with Film and installations, Bio art, community art, public art, choreographic systems, theory and philosophy of art, art and activism, collaborative projects and mixing choreographic methods for societal/community designs processes, future scenario devising and conflict resolution.