Artfield: Curating

Helen Kaplinsky

Helen is an independent curator based in Helsinki (FI). She is undertaking practice-based research at the Exhibition Research Lab at Liverpool John Moores University (UK) with the provisional title ‘Monstrous subjectivities: A re-evaluation of the posthuman in born-digital storytelling’, supervised by Joasia Krysa. Her most recent exhibitions include ‘GENDERS: Shaping and Breaking the Binary’ at …

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Saara Mahbouba

Saara Mahbouba (b. San Jose, CA) is a visual artist, writer, and artistic researcher currently based in Helsinki. Her research interests are primarily in the intersection of identity and labor. Saara’s projects typically engage with a mix of critical theory and pop culture, using the languages and strategies of others fields in an attempt to …

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Ali Akbar Mehta

I create immersive cyber archives that map narratives of history, memory, and identity through a multifocal lens of violence, conflict, and trauma. Such archival mappings – as drawings, paintings, new media works, net-based projects, poems, essays, and theoretical texts, as well as performances both of bodies and networks – are rooted in datafeminist, posthumanist critical …

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Jane Hughes

Jane Hughes (b.1984) is an Irish born artist living in Helsinki. After attaining her BA in Fine Art at National College of Art & Design in Dublin in 2006 she moved to Berlin.  She completed her MA, in Environmental Art at Aalto University in Helsinki in 2012. She did one year of her studies at the MA, Art in Context …

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Irina Kreer-Boulay

I’m multi-discipline visual artist & designer. As an artist I am interested in ever-changing values and values that stay unchanged through time. The environment, the political system, rules and living conditions are our heritage that forms and influences our way of living. I consider my works as an invitation for thought and discussions.