Artfield: Circus


Miradonna Sirkka

Miradonna Sirkka is a circus artist, for whom performances are comprehensive collaborations of movement and different forms of art. Sirkka graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2016 and continues studying in Aalto University masters degree of Visual culture and contemporary art. Sirkka is the director of the Recover Laboratory which is a multisensory …

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Florinda Fürst

Circus Tracks #1- meeting the Unknown is a project between circus and music . It’s a project by POP UP Circus.


Sofi Häkkinen

I work with anything I can get my hands on or anything that seems interesting. “This is how it should be done, this is right” is a thought that delightfully describes the physical act of my process. It is intuitive and unconsciously purposeful on some levels. The naive form feels like a haven to make …

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Gabriel Soriano Flores

My show is developed in universal language, gesture mime with public participation and fun assured.. Here I leave you information of my show comic. Show that combines different techniques of circus, magic, clown, juggling and music, with minimal technical needs, assembly and simple disassembly, for all the public and of assured fun, with more than …

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Pablo Alvarez

He is a clown, a cultural mediator & curator, specialized in clown – based research projects, focused on art, wellbeing & diversity. He is currently the director of Finland Clown Festival and Marino Clown Company. The company is established in Helsinki (Finland). Our projects are inclusive, adaptable, comfortable & fun for people. We believe art …

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