Artfield: Art Management

Catarina Neves Ricci

Catarina Neves Ricci is a film director and a visual artist who often creates in the fields of dance, music and theatre. Regardless the medium or form, she´s interested in every color humaness, body + intimacy. Neves Ricci studied psychology and dance in Lisbon and Film in Buenos Aires.  Some of her dear collaborations have …

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Özgu Gündeşlioğlu

Özgü Gündeşlioğlu is a ceramic artist who concentrates on material-based experimentality through the concept of interface. She concerns herself with plasticity, agencies other than maker, and knowledge hierarchy. Her works move around process-based, collaborative, and improvised practices.

Mercedes Balarezo

I am a dance artist and pedagogue. My career has developed between the stage and the dance studio as a teacher, dancer, choreographer, and producer. Lately, I have started to think of my practice as a dance pedagogue as a bodily experience designer. I have enjoyed playing with this concept because, to me, it describes …

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Paola Nieto

Paola Nieto (b.1990, Mexico City) is a cultural manager and performing artist based in Helsinki. She is experienced on artist management and event production in the fields of music and performing arts. She has worked for several organizations and artists such as Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin, April Jazz Festival, Alejandro Marcovich, JazzMx, and The …

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Katie Lenanton

Lenanton Transliteration lainanton Loading Katie Lenanton (she/her) has an MA in Curating, Mediating, and Managing Art from Aalto University. Since 2008 she has worked within, outside of, and counter to institutions in Australia and Finland, aiming to understand, corrupt, and change their ways of working. She strives to practice curatorial responsibility, and improve curatorial ethics. …

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