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Farbod Fakharzadeh ( born 1986, Rasht) is an Iranian artist, curator and storyteller based in Helsinki. In 2018 he received a Master’s degree in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art at Aalto University. He occasionally assembles objects, images and words together. His works often circulate around the themes of absurdism, power structures and failure and he …

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Vidha Saumya is a poet, drawer, cook and a bookmaker. Currently researching conceptual perspectives, experiments in authorship, future of the book, core curatorial activities and artistic positions through practices of self-publishing from a testimonial position of a brown immigrant woman in the non-brown environs of Helsinki.


I am an Argentinian academic musician, guitar player, composer and improviser. I have also a long experience in teaching. I have played different genres, mainly jazz and Argentinian folk music, but for the past seven years I have focused on free improvisation and contemporary music. Before moving to Finland I worked as a vice director …

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Tatiana Solovieva

During many years of my dance and theatre experience the most interesting and fascinating form of thinking and acting I found existentialism. The clear and strong artistic message together with philosophical questions keep turning dialogues in the minds of the audience and probably have some influence on human conscience, consciousness and lives. Most probably. The …

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