Yasushi Koyama: Innocent

Location: Gallery Becker
Address: Seminaarinkatu 28 40100 Jyv�skyl�

Exhibition of Japanese sculptures in gallery Becker, Jyv�skyl�. 

“When you see animals in the woods, you can feel their pure nature. The nature of the animal reflects innocence. It includes freshness, gentleness, loyalty and sweetness. The world of innocent animals tells and presents these feelings to visitors to the show.”

Japanese sculptor Yasushi Koyama, who lives in Helsinki, is known for innocent and cute animal sculptures. Koyama’s delightful figures of wood and pottery create positive feelings in people. Most of the wood sculptures are made from a single piece of wood using a chisel. The rich texture of the tree creates a warm impression on the viewer.

In particular, Marimekko’s colors and shapes, Katja Tukiainen’s and Kim Simonsson’s art, and figurines of Finnish children’s culture, especially the Moomins, have inspired Koyama. Similarly, the Japanese culture Manga, Anime and Neo-pop art have also strongly influenced Koyama’s artistic language. “My intention is to make people happy by my sculpture,” the artist notes.

The exhibition features a large wood sculpture “Penguin’s Mom and a Boy” (152 x 81 x 72 cm) made in M�ntt� and donated to the M�ntt�-Vilppula maternity centre, as part of the Art for Kids project. Penguin mother’s warm feelings and her little one�s innocence are well suited to the theme of the show. ” Yasushi Koyama

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