Yasushi Koyama at Galleria AARNI

4 animals
Location: Galleria AARNI
Address: Kauppamiehentie 1 Espoo

Animal sculptures

Yasushi Koyama�s solo exhibition “CUTE” starts in Gallery AARNI in Espoo at 6pm on 23.11. Yasushi Koyama is a Japanese sculptor, living and working in Helsinki. He has been living in Finland for 9 years. He is known for cute wooden and ceramic animal sculptures. Most of Koyama�s works are made from one piece of wood by using hand chisels. Rich textures of wood sculpturing give people warm impression. Lovely & expressive animal faces make people happy.

In particular, design of Marimekko, art of Katja Tukiainen & Kim Simonsson and the culture of the Finnish children’s characters, especially the Moomins, are inspiring Koyama. At the same time the Japanese culture including Manga & Anime and Japanese “Neo-pop” art have strongly influenced on Koyama�s art language of cuteness. In the “CUTE” exhibition Finnish cuteness S�P� meets Japanese cuteness “Kawaii”.

“My intention is to create the animal sculptures to give the sense of touch and happiness”, the artist says. The exhibition includes Koyama�s “Art for children” theme. Touching and hugging the panda sculpture give children a sense of participation. It means that the exhibition is for all the family members. Koyama says “I want to bring art to all the individuals for social inclusion”.

Recently Koyama has made his “Art for Children project”. In this time he created a large animal wood sculpture “Panda papa & child” that is 160 cm high and 400 kg. After the exhibition he is going to donate it to children�s department in Sello library in Espoo. He hopes children and parents will hug the panda sculpture and will feel the joy of touching and the experience of hugging in the public space of library. The sculpture “Panda papa & child” is to be in the exhibition “CUTE” in Galleria AARNI.

The exhibition “CUTE” is supported by Art promotion center Finalnd and “Art for Children project 2016” is supported by Art promotion center Uusimaa.

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