World Village Festival

Location: Kaisaniemi Park
Price: free entrance
Address: Kaisaniemenkatu, 00100 Helsinki, Finlandia


Welcome to Catalysti Artists – Live Artworks at the World Village Festival: a two day
festival taking place in Kaisaniemi Park, from May 28th to 29th 2016. Each of the
three interactive art works featured at World Village Festival encourage active
engagement by the general public through concrete actions towards highlighting
global development issues of Social Justice and as a means of intervening in the
public sphere and encouraging the inclusion of the arts as a social cultural strategy.
Presented works by Egle Oddo, TimoTuhkanen, Arlene Tucker, Daniel Malpica,
Edwina Goldstone and Willem Wilhelmus.

An event curated and coordinated by Edwina Goldstone & Anastasia Artemeva,
produced by Catalysti ry – Association of Transcultural Artists in Finland: aimed at
creating a network for foreign artists living and working in Finland.

Live programme:

La 28.5.2016 11.00�20.00 Kaisaniemi Park
Su 29.5.2016 11.00�18.00 Kaisaniemi Park
RYIJY: weaving wishes by Arlene Tucker & Daniel Malpica
RYIJY: weaving wishes is a public installation that allows the Maailma Kyl�ss��s
festival visitors to share their voice. This weave of wishes depicts belonging and
cultural diversity, a visual way to see our social fabric:

The Land Singing by Egle Oddo & TimoTuhkanen

The Land Singing is an interactive piece formulating a parallel between bio-diversity
in plants and cultural diversity in human society. Its creation is entirely open to the
participation of the public. WITH SOCIAL JUSTICE WE ALL BLOOM!

Phantasma?gorical � Peddling Time by Edwina Goldstone & Willem Wilhelmus
Phantasma?gorical � Peddling Time is a participatory installation in the form of a performative
social sculpture that addresses �Time poverty� creating a space were one 
is invited to slow down, to physically and mentally interact and reconnect with place
and time.

Collaborating partners: Sivuvalo, Teawear, Maatiainen ry, Don McCracken,
International School of Helsinki, Laivapesu Oy and TeeMaa

Catalysti Artists – Live Artworks at the World Village Festival has been supported by Koneen S��ti� and Maailma Kyl�ss� World Village Festival

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