Women communicating across and through Arts

Location: Caisa, International Cultural Center
Address: Mikonkatu 17 C, Helsinki

�Women Communicating Across and Through Arts� is a collective show that brings together the artistic viewpoints of 12 women from different backgrounds, who have migrated in order to pursuit and develop their artistic practice. The exhibition is an exploration towards the aspects of life on both a personal and a more general level. Some of the issues the artists deal with are: restriction and repression, migration, integration, clashes of cultures, the otherness, human relations, etc.

Participating artists:

Amira Karaoud (Tunisia), Ana Gutieszca (Mexico), Aneta Atsova (Bulgaria), Anna Knappe (Finland), Donna Maimon (Finland), Elham Rahmati (Iran), KiA Winqvist (Finland), Leea Pienim�ki-Amoussou (Finland), Lora Dimova (Bulgaria), Porntipa Ilvesm�ki (Thailand), Rosamar�a Bolom (Mexico), Sepideh Rahaa (Iran).

EXHIBITION CLOSING: 26.3. Rosamar�a and Leea talks about their art. 18:00 to 19:00 hrs. Welcome!

Communication is a way to join people from different geographical points to express, exchange and share ideas and perceptions interactively with others.

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