Tuesday Group in Ti-la 2016 Jyv�skyl�

Location: Ti-la Gallery
Price: Free
Address: Kauppakatu 19 40100 Jyv�skyl�

At ti-la2016 the Tuesday Group consisting for this event, of Marek Pluciennik and Alejandro Olarte, will engage with local artist to perform in the ti-la space. Alejandro Olarte, sound artist and Marek Pluciennik moving image artist will use analogue and digital devices to improvise with local painters, dancers, actors, musicians, video and film artists. The duration of the performance will be around 60min, but can be also be dictated by the performers. Live video feed projections from a hand held camera, live and prerecord audio, performative use of 16mm film projections coupled with a reel to reel magnetic tape recorder will be used simultaneously with other performers interacting and improvising in the space.

Thursday 25th: Marek and Alejandro invite anyone interested in participating in the performance to join them at 5pm in the ti-la. 

**Friday 26: Performance will take place at 6pm.**

The gallery will be open as usual 12�6pm everyday. The events are free of charge. Everyone is welcome. 
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