TouchDesigner Workshop with Roberto Fusco and Valmed ry

TouchDesigner Workshop

The motivation behind this workshop is to organize an accessible event and invite people, together, to offer support to the Ukraine population. For this, instead of paying a fee, participants can directly donate a minimum of 20€ to the NGO of their choice, who is currently involved in the help of Ukraine (UNICEF, Red Cross, etc.).

In this 1-day workshop, participants will be introduced to TouchDesigner, a visual programming environment for real-time animation, multichannel audio and video, projection mapping, light control, interactivity, and much more. Through a series of examples, they will learn how to navigate through the interface and experiment with a variety of media like video, animation, sound and simple interactivity. Depending on their previous experience and their interest, at the end of the day they will be able to create a little project that combines the elements shown.

The workshop does not require previous experience with programming or skilled use of other software programs. It is not specifically targeting artists, but also hobbyists, enthusiasts and curious alike of all ages. The participants are expected to have access to a Windows or Mac computer on which they will install and use the program TouchDesigner. The teaching language is English.

How to sign up for the workshop:
Send an email with your contact information to: by the 29st of May.

We shortlist max. 20 participants and send an email to each one of them with instructions on how to provide us with proof of payment to the charity of their own choice. The minimum donation is 20€.

About the instructor:
Roberto Fusco, (M.Phil. Music and Media Technology, D. Sc. (Technology), ITA/FI, b. 1980, is an Italian media artist based in Helsinki. At the intersection of physical and computational processes, Roberto focuses his artistic research on the use of digital techniques capable of recording, reconstructing and simulating reality, exposing the role of technology itself in mediating our perception and experience.
His work, in the form of installations or audiovisual performances with real-time and interactive elements, combines material and digital elements towards the creation of hybrid forms in which the processes of negotiation with technology become manifest and the materiality of the world, with its complexity and unpredictability, transcends what is computable.
He has presented his work in festivals such as LUX Helsinki, Ars Electronica, VAFT (FI), NIME, RIXC (LT), FLUSSI (ITA), Currents New Media 2016 (USA), Videoforma (RU), PIXELACHE (FI), AAVE (FI), Borealis (NO), Plektrum (EE) and CARTES FLUX (FI) and Loikka (FI) and in galleries such as ArsLibera, Third Space, Titanik, Rajatila, MUU Galleria (FI), the Science Gallery (IE) and EYEBEAM (NY, US).​
He co-funded with Andrea Mancianti the audiovisual duo and media art studio QUIETSPEAKER.

Roberto Fusco – OSSA, Lux Helsinki 2022


13.00 – 21.00 with a self-paid 45 min lunch break.
(If you participate remotely on Zoom, we will start the meeting at approx 13.30).

Sotku-teatteri, Suokatu 42, 70110 Kuopio

The workshop will happen in hybrid form, locally in Kuopio and remotely on Zoom.

What you need:
Bring your own laptop where you have installed the program TouchDesigner (free version).

Any questions:

The workshop has been organized in cooperation with Valmed ry

Photography and Media Art Association Valmed ry supports and promotes photography and media arts. The association is based in Northern Savonia but the activity goes beyond the regional borders of Finland. Valmed ry is an association of the growing area of arts, with its members being skilled individuals and professionals from different fields of arts and culture. The association carries on diverse and open-minded exhibition operations by bringing artworks into the public city space. Providing workshops is one of the greatest membership benefits offered by the association.