Third Space – upcoming exhibitions

Location: Third Space, Helsinki
Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, 00150 Helsinki

Kastehelmi Korpijaakko, Noora Sandgren & Lotta Djupsund
4 -10.6.2018

PÖYTÄ / TABLE is a happening defined by time, space and discussions. During the happening Third Space is open for visitors 4–10.6.2018 from 11am to 6pm. On Saturday the 9th the traces and thoughts resulting from the shared process will take the form of an exhibition. Sunday the 10th is a day of celebration.

​PÖYTÄ / TABLE happens within a time and space related performative structure. As participants we’re committed to spending the agreed time together. From Monday to Friday the activities in the gallery are defined by different themes. Each participant will contribute to the Table by bringing a question, a thought, a text, an object, an image or an entity related to her current artistic process. This is about being together, touching the boundaries of communication, shared silence in the midst of conversations and researching the possibilities an encounter may hold.


Red Heritage
Carl Sebastian Lindberg

Red Heritage is a documentary about The Finnish Civil War in 1918 and it’s influence on contemporary Finland from the perspective of one family. The film tells the story of the artist Carl Sebastian Lindberg’s great-grandfather Antti Meritähti who fought for the Red Guards, as told by Lindberg’s relatives and through information from different archives. The fact that Lindberg’s great- grandfather fought for the Red Guards that lost the war is still a taboo in the family, and one of the interviewed, the artist’s uncle, is not willing to show his face in the film, we only see his hands.

The video is in Swedish with English subtitles.


Darkrooms: retracing childhood memories
Abdullah Qureshi
21- 27.6.2018
Exhibition part of the Helsinki Pride Week

Visiting hours: 21 – 26.6 @ 10am – 5pm
Closing Event: 27.6 @ 4pm – 8pm
After Party: BrewDog @ 8pm – 12am (Happy Hour, all day)​

‘Darkrooms: retracing childhood memories’, coinciding with Helsinki Pride Week, is a multi-media exhibition that uses acts of memory to re-enact traumatic pasts and sexual encounters. 
Within gay culture, darkrooms are highly sexual spaces that are exclusively used for cruising and anonymous sex. It is a labyrinth of men, where you move through the maze, feeling different bodies. Performing. Grinding. Submiting. To this end, through thoughts, conversations and a reflective process, the presented body of paintings and video/audio sculptures explore an explicit and uncomfortable parallel between child abuse and consensual sex.


Portraits of Women
Inari Porkka
29.6 – 6.7.2018
Exhibition part of the Helsinki Pride Week

Visiting hours: 29.6 – 6.7.2018 @ 12:00 -18:00

Portraits of Women is a series of drawings done with colour pencils on paper, where several renaissance profile portraits have been remixed by replacing the original models with currently living transgender women. It is a response to the conversation about “historical accuracy” that plagues cultural criticism. When discussing cultural products created today, the term “historical accuracy” is a racist code word used to justify an extremely narrow and bigoted view of history, and has nothing to do with what we actually know of history and the people who lived hundreds of years ago. The portrait series asserts that transgender people are not anachronistic or ahistorical; that transgender people have always existed.
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