Third Space – SOUND ROOM upcoming

Location: Third Space, Helsinki
Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, 00150 Helsinki

Sound Room L X X X I I

PRINCESS OF MARS creates vocal and sound -scapes, opening up a connection to new dimensions and territories. Realisation of the subtle body and hyper-sensorial experience through meditative high tuning. Words become portals to a greater aspect of existence. The voice is the connector. The body is the transmitter. 

In the Sound Room, Princess of Mars will present her newest piece THE SPACE BETWEEN ME AND YOU, which is about distance.
Our common perception makes us think that distance exists -distance between people, between territories, between possibilities. Is it so that we are far away from each other? When we look at the sky we see a vast territory which has no limits. The clouds, the stars, the sun and the moon translate and transform themselves within us, allowing us to experience something beyond words. The distance becomes an illusory idea. 

Princess of Mars is a sound project by the artist Lora Dimova. In her practice she incorporates different media, varying from material to nonmaterial, textual to performative, two- to three-dimensional. She is also half of the sound performance duo HUMANIMAL, along with the visual and sound artist Ana Gutieszca.


Sound Room L X X X I I I

SATANOID is an improv solo project for experimental speedcore/flashcore/ noise that is performed live on a modular synth. There is no set tempo or structure as they are improvised on the spot, things keep shifting and morphing on their own time from psychedelic rhythms into more and more weirder ideas. Sounds range from cosmic zappy oscillators and squeeling feedback to intricate blips and blops, sometimes completely drowned in delay and reverb.
New Release:
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is an audio-visual IDM project by the German artist Malte Steiner. It started in 1991 as a side-project to the Industrial outfit Das Kombinat and has developed to one of Steiner’s more extensive musical projects. For Notstandskomitee, Steiner has developed an unique style of IDM working with different kinds of electronics, used in a variety of combinations to create his own unique rhythmic sound, where the source-material goes from analog via digital to software-based systems. Notstandskomitee has played concerts world wide and made releases on cassette, CD, vinyl as well as online.
Live at Fraction Bruit, Berlin. May 27. 2017:
First official video from The Golden Times, the track “Exhaust”:

is a Danish, Berlin-based artist and researcher, who works primarily with performance art, sound and open technology. Madsen’s sound work evolves around an investigation of the body in relation to space and acoustics/resonance. Her projects range from minimal and conceptual sound installations to intense noise performances. Besides her solo work, Madsen is half of the noise duo TMS and the live-coding project codepage (both in collaboration with Malte Steiner).
Varða # I, live at Noiseberg, Berlin (DE):


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