Third Space: Ceremony for the Empty 3.-15.1.2021

Location: Third Space
Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, 00150 Helsinki

Ceremony for the empty
Ilia Ollikainen & Helena Pulkkinen

Get ready to go out. Make a ceremony to raise consciousness of the fact that your traces will be left behind you. Solemnity and preparation for the exact moment. The exact moment to empty a space of otherness. Ø ceremoniously created.

Ilia Ollikainen & Helena Pulkkinen drive us to think that we had no time for rituals or ceremonies to leave the streets empty and remain at home to work or to study the major part of our time. We didn’t have time for that kind of ceremony, however we started a new ritual to get out ready for the street and enjoy with others, the ritual of cleaning hands and using face masks.

From being face-to-face spectators, we become virtual spectators. RMB.

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