Location: Suvilahti, Kattilahalli
Price: free entrance
Address: S�rn�isten rantatie 22, 00540 Helsinki

An event of Catalysti – Transcultural Artists in Finland ry

Welcome to THE VISITORS ed. 3: a ten days festival, taking place in Suvilahti, Kattilahalli, on May 20th-30th 2016. It includes a contemporary art exhibition, representative of the variety and diversity of transcultural artists in Finland.

 Exhibited works by: Ana Parra, Anna Ruth, Curt Richter, Egle Oddo, Erika De Martino Fatmir Mustafa, Marek Pluciennik, Oliver Whitehead, Roberto Pugliese, Sepideh Rahaa, Victor X.

 An event curated by Marek Pluciennik and produced by Paola Livorsi for Catalysti, the network of transcultural artists working and living in Finland. Free entrance!

 Live programme:

20.5. Opening ceremony at 17:30

Baran, Kurdish-Iranian music. – Art performance The Ark of Seeds, by Egle Oddo featuring: soloists Marika Krook and Outi Pulkkinen; actresses Iika Hartikainen and Riina Tikkanen; musicians Juho Laitinen and Timo Tuhkanen; aerial acrobats Pinja Sch�nberg and Riikka Pentinsaari. – Degustation of Middle East traditional dishes for the audience.

21.5. at 19:00 

Sound art live performances: Ava Grayson, Alejandro Montes de Oca, Alejandro Olarte and Boom Edan as well as duos Mancianti/Klemola and Mureddu://Cartheuser. Tape music by James Andean, Andrea Mancianti, Marek Pluciennik.

25.5. at 19:00 

Cinema evening with Oliver & Marek: Oliver Whitehead Dreamless 2013, Grounded 2002. Marek Pluciennik Front and Backwards 1996-2000.

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26.5. at 17:30

Improvisation on Seeddom: a musical sculpture with 4 meters vertical piano strings. Realised by composer Timo Tuhkanen, it combines the features of both percussion and string instrument. Sound artists and musicians are invited to play the Seeddom. Registration at

26.5. at 19:30

Oliver Whitehead & P-K Ker�nen Poetry & music evening

27.5. at 17:00

Art performance The Ark of Seeds

Following the art performance, key speakers will discuss the ownership of seeds and the impact of TTIP treaty on natural resources’ management.

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27.5. at 21:00

Live Cinema Art Visit, with works by Roberto Pugliese&Andrea Mancinati, Britt Koostra&Arvid van der Rijt, Marek Pluciennik, Oliver Whitehead and Natalia Koziel&Petteri Kalliom�ki.

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28.5. at 19:00

Performance art evening: Magnus Logi Kristinsson, Marek Pluciennik, Sepideh Rahaa, Tomasz Szrama, Willem Wilhelmus and Diana Soriacantora.

30.5. at 19:00

Audio/visual performances: Humananimal by Ana Gutiezca and Lora Dimova, and a show by Finnish Monks Jaap Klevering and Otzir Godot.

The Visitors ed.3 has been supported by: Koneen S��ti�, Caisa Culture Centre and the City of Helsinki


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