Seepage // Camille Auer

06.02.2020 - 11.02.2020
Location: Third Space
Pricing: Free

12—18 every day

No opening reception, just come when you have time to watch and listen to the work.


The outer limits of a body are porous. Touching a table, at the contact point, you can’t tell which exact atom belongs to the toucher and which to the touched. We continuously seep into our surroundings and they seep into us. Affects seep through us, desire, despair, boredom. Abject seeps through us, sweat, tears, dandruff.

Electrons are the outermost particles of an atom. They have a negative magnetic charge, they repulse each other. They can never be in contact. All matter consists of them. Nothing touches anything. The whole biosphere is in the same atmosphere. A continuum of molecules. Everything touches everything.

Time is a border, a boundary we lean on to. It bends around us, future seeping into past, past into future, presence a fluctuating surface between, rippled with memory and dreams.

There’s no presence in a landscape, a landscape is presence. A singular, optical, continuous viewpoint is anthropocentric. Our understanding of what is not us begins at what is us. What of us is already not us. This seepage matters, it shows us the outside inside the outside.

This is an ASMR-video about presence and grooming the surfaces of a human. Binaural sound will bring you close and take you far.

Camille Auer is an artist, writer and performer from Turku. She works with sound, words, moving image and direct action. Her subject matter is the friction and diffraction that takes place in and between micro and macro realities, subject and object formation, matter and meaning, and marginalised individuals in an oppressive society.

The artist is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.