RunoReflex: Poetry and Film,

Location: Caisa
Address: Mikonkatu 17 C, 00100 Helsinki

RunoReflex: Poetry and Film

20.3.2017 | 18-21h
International Cultural Centre Caisa�s Lobby, 2nd floor
Mikonkatu 17 C/Vuorikatu 14
Free entrance / Vapaa p��sy

Runoreflex brings together poetry and films by international authors and filmakers living in Finland and Sweden. A �Live experimental poetry reading� in Russian, Arabic, Spanish with translations into English, Finnish and Swedish. The word �reflex� refers to a game related to camera devices and the projection of the films.

Poets on stage: Polina Kopylova (RU/FI), Tammam Hunaidy (SY/SE), Adel Al Sharik (IQ/FI) and Lalo Barrubia (UR/SE) and  will present their poems accompanied by cellist Sergio Castrill�n.

Languages: Arabic, Russian, Spanish, English, Swedish and Finnish.

Short Films:

 ????? ??? ?????? �Letter to Obama� by Mohanad Salahat ???? ?? ???? ??????

Organizers: Sivuvalo, Caisa and NolitchX (Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange) with the support of Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.


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