Rough. Together. – a multidisciplinary live art event

Location: Kääntöpaikka
Address: Intiankatu 1, 00560 Helsinki

Rough. Together. is a multidisciplinary live art event curated and facilitated by Mean Time Between Failures duet, consisting of artist-organizer Dash Che and artist Suvi Tuominen. The participating artists are Ignacio Pérez Pérez, Amanda Hunt, and Mathilda Kauppila.

Event Description:

Three artists that form the Temporary Artists Collective, which will exist and work together for two full days before showing their collective work, are asked to explore their artmaking relationship to the world's ongoing failures, brutality, ambivalences, and imperfections. The artists are invited to stay with the thought that art does something else than activism, it cannot fix the world in this sense  - the world remains broken. Still, within this breakage art changes the world as we meet each other to play, grieve, get angry, love, and also make art. Thus, the Collective is asked to "wade into the swamp, get intimate with discomfort, and develop an appetite for nuance" in this project (from "The Art of Cruelty: The Reckoning" by Maggie Nelson, 2011).

While there is a definite value in taking refuge in softness and safety in the time of the disastrous collapse of our surroundings, we would like to take a detour from these qualities as the focal points of collaborative artmaking. We ask, how can the group of artists that temporarily came together meet each other's both soft and rough edges by bypassing social politeness, entering a new structure, and staying with an unknown outcome? Is appreciation of our differences, similarities, and complexities enough to make an ethical space for collaboration? Within this framing premise, the theme and content of the artistic work stay open and will develop through artistic collaboration.

With Artists

Ignacio Pérez Pérez

Amanda Hunt

Mathilda Kauppila

Temporary Artists Collective workshopping:

10am-18:30 on Saturday, Nov 19th

10am-17:30 on Sunday, Nov 20th

Rough. Together. event:

Space open for you at 17:00

The event starts at 19:00

Space closes at 22:00

Location: Kääntöpaikka (Intiankatu 1, 00560 Helsinki)

Accessibility Information:

The street level of Kääntöpaikka where the main hall is located has barrier-free accessibility, unfortunately, the only universal toilet in the space is in the art space next to the main hall where an art class is held until 20.30, hence, the universal toilet is in use only after 20.30. The downstairs of Kääntöpaikka is accessed only via stairs.

Free Admission


Mean Time Between Failures duet is a performance, dance, and curatorial entity which consists of artist Suvi Tuominen and artist-organizer Dash Che. In our work, we are interested in post-industrial corporeality, histories of misalignment, post-critique and socio-economic conditions.

Curator’s Biography:

Dash Che (they/them) is a transnational Russian American queer performance artist, dancer, a teaching artist, and a writer who has been living and making artwork in Finland since 2019. Dash works with the questions of estrangement, migration, labor, memories and intimacy. They enjoy assembling movements, words, and objects into various choreographies. Currently, Dash is working with a dance-based project called “Patriotic Body is Unsure of Itself,” practicing destabilizing patriotism in one’s body.

Suvi Tuominen (she/her) is a performance artist, dancer, and archaeologist. Her artistic thinking digs into the layers of heritage studies, world ,relations and performance. Suvi's work history consists of several collaborations in which, for example, the methods of visual, sound,, media, and conceptual art have been present. In 2021 she graduated from the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki from the Live Art and Performance Studies master's program. Currently, she is working as one of the curators for Helsinki City Theater’s Stage for Contemporary Performance.

ig: @suvi_tuominen

Artists Biography:

Ignacio Pérez Pérez (Venezuela/Finland, 1984) is a visual nomad. His artistic practice crosses diverse fields such as performance art, street photography, walking, and networking. His work has been presented in diverse contexts like festivals and street-level events in Europe, and North and South America. Currently lives and works surrounded by forest and lakes in Kankaanpää.

Amanda Hunt is a performance and wannabe sculptural-of-center artist, currently based between Zurich/Helsinki. They are originally from the U.S. and lived in New York City for over a decade, where they performed in numerous venues, co-built out/organized a performance space called Para\el with IV Castellanos (2018-2020), and received funding from the Franklin Furnace Fund. Recently, they have made work through NoMad House in collaboration with Onur Tayranoglu in Helsinki, and have also completed a residency with Live Art Ireland in Tipperary, IE. Hunt is looking forward to this collaborative experience with Catalysti and fellow artists and is currently working towards a Master's in Live Art and Performance Studies at UniArts Helsinki.

Mathilda Kauppila is a dance artist based mainly in Eastern Finland. In their work, Mathilda is interested in how to use their expertise as a dance professional to observe and choreograph social spaces. Their work takes forms such as community art, performing art, and writing. Currently, Mathilda is busy with idleness.

This event is commissioned by Catalysti Association of Transcultural Artists ry, and supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus).

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