Peer-led mentoring programme: Seminar with Riikka Kuoppala

Peer-led mentoring seminar with Riikka Kuoppala
Time: 27.10.2022, 18.00-20.00 EEST
Riikka will share her points of view and some of the legal strategies she has adapted in the process of developing her company Vegan & Legal. A little bit about taxation, agreement making and collaborations. If you have any questions we can share this with Riikka in advance for her to cover.

[open to all members of Catalysti or non-members who would like to join]
The event organised as a part of Catalysti’s Peer-led mentoring programme 2022, participants of the programme will be prioritized.

Registration is required, send a short email to , please!

The deadline is the 23rd of October!