PARALLEL MOTION / Leda Vaneva & Lora Dimova – CLOSED

Location: Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Finland
Price: Free
Address: Kuusisaarentie 2 B, 00340 Helsinki

The exhibition presents works by two Helsinki based Bulgarian artists – Leda Vaneva and Lora Dimova. Both of them explore the processes of existence and the construction of perceived reality through materials/media, such as ceramics, mixed media, video and print. The exhibition reflects on the dynamics between the external and the internal world from the perspective of human and non-human. Viewers are invited to take a journey to themselves and beyond. 

Leda Vaneva focuses on the construction in the observable world, human perceptions and their limitations. Her pieces generally revolve around themes like materiality, agency /control, chance. She holds MA degrees in New Media from Aalto University, FI (2018) and Photography from National Academy of Art, BG (2012). She is also the recipient of several awards, including the Essl Art Award (2013), and George Papazov Award for contemporary video (2016). 

Lora Dimova’s works deal with the body within its physical and nonphysical domains. In her practice, she uses video, sound, performance, photography, sculpture, painting and text. Lora Dimova holds master degrees in Fine Art from Aalto University, Finland (2015) and in Ceramics and Glass from the National Academy of Art, Bulgaria (2007). She was one of the recipients of the Young Artist Award in Bulgaria in 2009. Her works have been shown internationally. 

The exhibition is part of the project “Art Sauna”, initiated by the Bulgarian Embassy in Helsinki. 


The gallery is closed at the moment. More information:

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Finland
Kuusisaarentie 2 B, 00340 Helsinki
Tel. + 358 9 458 40 55, 458 40 35
Fax + 358 9 458 45 50

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