Palate 12-15 ml

Location: Vapaa Taiteen tila
Price: 10/5 e, free entry for University of the Arts students
Address: Vilhovuorenkuja 15 00500 Helsinki

�…an inhibited intentionality, exemplified in a characteristic failure to commit the whole body to a particular task…� (Iris Marion Young)

Working with movement as speculative force PALATE 12-15ml creates a combination of signs that creates pathways of meaning to be interpreted by its viewers. It conceptualizes movement and acts of the dancers as a way of communicating recognizable forms to both satisfy and break the thought process of the spectators while they view the piece. It uses materials (plastic, water, soundscape) to frame the space and the bodies of the dancers.

It has used descriptions of movement, body and spatiality by Iris Marion Young in ”Throwing Like A Girl: A Phenomenology of Feminine Body Comportment, Motility and Spatiality” as a framework for the improvised and set movement material.


8.2 at 19

11.2 at 15 & at 19 

12.2 at 19

Choreography: Suvi Tuominen

Dancers: Nelli Ojapalo, Ella Posti, Rianna Rintam�ki, Wilma Sepp�l� ja Maiju Tiuraniemi

Sound design: Marouf Majidi

Tickets: 10/5 �


NB!  Tickets on place only in cash

Free entry for University of the Arts students

Acknowledgements: Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopisto Outokumpu, Taideyliopisto

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