Northeast of Yekaterinburg

Location: Asbestos Art Space
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Address: M�kel�nkatu 45, 00550 Helsinki

Northeast of Yekaterinburg

Hosted by Asbestos Art Space


Asbestos dust on my raspberries.

We are inviting you to premises of the Asbestos Art Space in Helsinki for the evening of performances called �Northeast of Yekaterinburg�. The title refers to the Asbest town, located some 70km from Yekaterinburg in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. While in the West the mining of asbestos was banned decades ago for its scientifically proved negative influences on the human health the situation in Russia is different. Disputably the world’s largest active asbestos mine is to be found in Asbest.

Asbest in Russia is a place of mining, Asbestos in Helsinki is a place dedicated to arts. Our event aims to be relaxed and apolitical meeting. But art is never apolitical. To stay away from the politics is a political statement. In order to bring something valuable to this world we will do what we know the best. We will perform.
Please, come and join us.

Sini Silveri / FI
Ionas Laine / FI
Petros Konnaris / CY
Anton�n Brinda / CZ

more artists and details tba … STAY TUNED! 🙂


Asbestos Art Space is an open city space created for events of the entire range of art and culture founded by the Asbestos collective.

Asbestos Art Space operates according to Safer Space principles. Accessibility information; The width of the entrance is 71 cm. There is a 10 cm stair approximately 1m in front of the main entrance and a 10 cm high threshold. The toilet is not accessible.

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