NOMADS � Festival of performing arts at Stoa, Helsinki 19. � 23.9.2017


NOMADS is an intercultural festival of performing arts, held 19th-23rd of September in Cultural center Stoa. It celebrates cultural diversity and intercultural engagement by presenting some of the most remarkable contemporary performances from its field.


The opening act of the festival is SHRA – ER�MAA by the Finnish-Palestinian S-H-A Collective. The performance is about the experienced differences and similarities between cultures, communities and people. It talks about oppression, fear, longing, trust and the lack of it, safety – everyday things.

On the 21st of September we will see the premiere Waiting… by Bakr Hassen. The play tells a story about the intellectual and physical conflicts of a man named Adam. These internal conflicts carry the fear of death, the fear of life. By waiting� He seeks to get rid of all these aches surrounding him. Waiting for the God to save him from these pains� But the God never came. Because the God has no colour or smell. The God cannot be touched. The God is the imagination of Adam. Adam made a God for himself.

The festival is also bringing the fantastic dance-act by Burkinab� choreographer Sibiry Konat�. Through contemporary and traditional African dance, the performance addresses the timely topic of humanity: how can I find my place in Finland while keeping my own roots?

Killing the Beat, is also premiere seen at the festial by Sergio Castrill�n. It is an improvisation-performance that experiences sound, music and movement. The performances by Sergio are known to be mindblowing. This new act together with dancer Mirva M�kinen, wont leave anyone cold.

As a grande finale of the festival, we are presenting the latest spectacle Love and Confusion by the cross-artistic group Chekhov Machine. Love and confusion – is an avantgardistic – surrealistic dance performance for live music and sculptures, different bodies and languages. The performance is the seventh version of a performance continuum based on Anton Tjehovs main plays. The point of view in this version is “a world in pieces” and irrational expression.

Tickets for the shows:

Address for venue: Cultural Centre Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, 00910 Helsinki!

Program at Facebook:

19.9.2017: Shra � Er�maa at Facebook here.

20.9.2017: Saviruukku at Facebook here.

21.9. 2017: Waiting at Facebook here.

22.9.2017: Killing The Beat at Facebook here.

23.9.2017: Love and Confusion at Facebook here.

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