New Theatre Helsinki ONLINE Gathering

Location: Online even
Price: Free of charge

// Please note: The program has been updated on 24th November due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings in the metropolitan area. //


New Theatre Helsinki ONLINE Gathering on December 4th:
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Dear friends and colleague performing artists, influencers and decision-makers, spectators and individuals of different backgrounds,

We invite you to join us on December 4th 2020 for the first New Theatre Helsinki ONLINE Gathering at 2-5pm.

This event is the official start of the activities of New Theatre Helsinki. The gathering calls together performing artists and decision-makers to discuss about the needs for a new performing arts venue in Helsinki. The happening aims to highlight the vast and diverse community of artists and individuals living in Finland but not represented on the institutional stage. This event is the possibility for you to share your opinion or point of view of what must be done in order to create a new performing arts venue that is based on diversity and inclusiveness.

The gathering is not only the celebration of New Theatre Helsinki but also the celebration of us being together, the celebration of a voice that hungers to see a performing arts field that displays the diverse cultures of our society.

“Theatre must be the space for dialogue where the society can explore its potential.”

New Theatre Helsinki -team
Program of the event:
2.00pm: Why do we need a theatre that promotes interculturalism?
Presentation of what is New Theatre Helsinki, and what it has done so far (during the 1st project year 2020).
2.20pm: Diversity and inclusion: an oxymoron?
New Theatre Helsinki has implemented two researches: One is a survey about the need for a new performing arts space in Helsinki. The second one, is an analysis about the theatre productions during the last ten years in the Finnish city theatre panorama. The research paid special attention on what kind of diversity was present.
The researches are presented by producer Marjo-Sisko Lindstedt & researcher Sadjad Shokoohi
2.50pm: Short break
3.00pm: Who is the invisible Finland and who represents it?
Youth worker Sabasy (Sabi) Ndiaye, stand up comedian James Lórien MacDonald and dancer-performer Maija Karhunen present their views on the needs of New Theatre Helsinki
4.00pm: Short break
4.15pm: Re-considering narratives about Finnish identities
The future of New Theatre Helsinki:
Pop Up of 2021, Reaching the communities
Open call for: Pop Up 2022 & New dramaturgies

Wrap up the Gathering


Price: The Gathering is free of charge.

Please note: We have a limited amount of online places. We will fill in the places in order of the enrolment. We will send the link of the event and the instructions how to join it to the email address you submit through the enrolment.

The event is organized with the support of the The Finnish Cultural Foundation.
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