MuTeFest’18: 20 years of music technology

Location: Helsinki Music Centre
Price: 6 € / concert, festival pass 15 €. Concert at Kaiku 5 €, only at the venue
Address: Mannerheimintie 13 A, Helsinki

MuTeFest, the five-day student run festival of music creation with technology, is showcasing some of the most experimental, diverse and innovative music to the public in the Helsinki Music Centre and Kaiku Club on November 26th to 30th 2018. This year’s festival will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre for Music and Technology at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.

MuTe, Not So Mute! CMT 20th Anniversary Concert

Mon 26.11. at 19.00

Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre

A cavalcade of performances featuring the past, present and future of the Centre for Music and Technology, Uniarts, Sibelius Academy.


Neum (Otto Romanowski, Esa Kotilainen, Ilkka Niemeläinen)
Aquatrio Live: Mix à six mains
One Hand Clapping -elokuva + livemusiikkia: Juan de Dios Magdaleno and Alejandro Montes de Oca
Brutopianisti Markus Pajakkala


Discussion “Group musicianship and electronic music”

moderated by Otso Lähdeoja 

Tue 27.11. at 15.00

Agora, Helsinki Music Centre, free entry

“The aim of this discussion is to map out the situation of shared music making in the electronic music cultures. With the prominent cultural figures of the DJ as well as the electroacoustic composer – both soloists – we can ask if the millenial ensemble tradition in music has changed with the adoption of electronic music tools. How is collective music making taking shape in the electronic era?” – Otso Lähdeoja

Otso Lähdeoja is a researcher in the digital arts, Academy of Finland fellow, composer and guitarist.

He holds a doctorate in music from Paris VIII University and has taken part to and lead a myriad of crossover artistic projects in Europe, North America and Asia. A leader of multiple research projects, Otso has just started a 5-year Academy of Finland-funded research project, with the subject “Intersubjectivity in Music; the Perspective of Technological Mediation”.

The MuTeFest discussion is an emanation of this research project, fundamentally asking what is shared musicianship in electronic music, and what tools could be developed in order to enhance shared electronic music making.

You are welcome to join the conversation!

Electronics and acoustics 

Tue 27.11. at 19.00

Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre

The concert presents new projects and pieces for acoustic instruments and electronics developed by students on various courses at the Centre for Music and Technology of the Sibelius Academy.


Kaj Mäki-Ullakko:

One, Two Three (1986, composition by Melvyn Poore)

7 Chromium Shadows (for Tuba), ke/fp

PolyTuba, ke/fp

Emil Sana: Bris de Verre

Mikael H – Pienin mahdollinen / Kuvat

(composer: Mikael Hakkarainen, 2018)

Matilda Seppälä (comp.) with Ville Hautakangas (piano): Inner (2018)

Mioko Yokoyama: Twist (2018, fp). Otto Kentala, guitar

Seiji Kokeguchi : Yodomi


Mobile Sonic Walks Demo

Wed 28.11. at 2 pm

Around Töölönlahti, meeting at the entrance of Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Music Centre.  Take your mobile phones and headphones with you. Free entry.

Mobile Sonic Walks proposes a deambulatory listening experience of musical compositions created for and diffused in a chosen site through geolocalisation by the students of the Centre for Music and Technology of the Sibelius Academy at the Uniarts Helsinki. Wandering around in the area you explore the sonic walks with your headphones and mobile phone.

The first area explored by the CMT students is the Töölönlahti bay in Helsinki, which is the site for a network of cultural institutions and flourishing activities. It also an important place of urban history for the capital of Finland, an early industrial zone changed over the years into a green park for promenades in the heart of the city. 

Mobile Sonic Walks is an application made by the Centre for Music and Technology (CMT) at the University of the arts Helsinki using the platform SoundWays developed by the Collective MU in Paris.


Voice, Electronics, Noise 

Wed 28.11. at 19.00 

Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre 

Human voice meets electronics. The first half of the concert features a duo combining traditional Karelian laments, Tuva throat singing, bog soundscapes and electronics.

The second half explores the aesthetics of ugliness through ‘noise’ music.


Luineh (Noora Kauppila & Juuso Raunio): Abeudunnuo
Alejandro Olarte: Mme Butterfly
Niko Laasonen: Loud Silence
Eetu Palomäki & Topias Toppinen: terrene
Juuso Raunio & Turkka Inkilä: Synagogue des Pervers


Altertronic/Alter Echo – Music to Dance 

Thu 29.11. at 22.00–4.00

Kaiku, Kaikukatu 5 

Altertronic / Alter Echo builds on the theme of last year’s Music to Dance by combining electronic dance beats with improvisation and live instruments. The Sibelius Academy brings unprecedented dance music ensembles and performances to the famous Kaiku club in Kallio, where a mystic club beat merges with live performing arts.

Tickets 5 €, only at the door


Mikko Heikinpoika
Lukas Kristo Korpelainen ja Mikko Sarvanne
PERUSSASTAMALA FEAT. TAISTOKISU (Mikael Saastamoinen ja Karin Mäkiranta)
Naveya / Mirna Attia live
Los Niños del Nunca (Walter Sallinen ja Leonid Demin)
Gfuchtel (Dom Schlienger)
Kaj Mäki-Ullakko, Hugh Sheehan ja Antti Suomalainen

Gestures of music and sound of movement

Fri 30.11. at 19.00 

Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre

Cross-art performances exploring sonic and corporeal gestures through collective improvisation or choreographed actions combined to technological means.

Holes in the Sky, for 4 electronics players by Hugh Sheehan

Second Reflections by Anssi Vättö, Emil Sana, Seiji Kokeguchi

HEAD GAMES by Act-101 duo and Viiksimaisteri


Multichannel Installation DOME

Mon 26.11. – Fri 30.11. at 09:00  – 19:30 open during the whole festival

Agora lobby (floor 1), Helsinki Music Centre

Works by music technology students and teachers at the Sibelius Academy in a 16-channel dome where listeners are invited to an immersive sound experience.

Free entry


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