Multiplicities / Multiple Cities

Location: Lavaklubi Kansallisteatteri
Price: free
Address: L�ntinen Teatterikuja 1, 00100 Helsinki

MULTIPLICITIES / MULTIPLE CITIES says no to racism with sound-art, music and dance, taking place at Lavaklubi (Kansallisteatteri, L�ntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki) on Thursday March 17th at 8 pm. An event organised by Catalysti, a network of transcultural artists working and living in Finland.

This year theme is multiplicity in all its forms, as we meet it in our everyday life in our cities, where layers of various communities and languages form a unique cultural tissue.

 The programme includes:

 Liquid Giorgio Convertito (Italy), Terhi Vaimala (Finland), Libero Mureddu (Italy) and Moritz Cartheuser (Germany)

Liquid Roots, a four part set inspired by the cities of origin of the quartet members: Genoa, Kokem�ki, Mainz and Milan music/dance

 Liquid is a music quartet composed of two dancers and two musicians. The group�s special feature is that the dancers think and behave as instrumentalists, producing visual music and interacting with the musicians to create unique sound flavours and to literally project the music in the third dimension of space

 Hadi Munzer & Al Saedi Hussein Ali Sabah (Syria) Syrian and Middle East music

  �Uroboro� Roberto Pugliese (Italy), Andrea Mancianti (Italy) electronic/experimental music

 �Uroboro� (2016) is a duo performance based on the perpetual mechanical excitation of the strings of two electric guitars equipped with vibration speakers and set in self oscillation. The piece explores the possibility of modifying the resonating behavior of a physical object inside a feedback loop, and at the same time of finding strategies to perform and improvise with it

 Supported by Kone Foundation

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