Meet the Other

meet the other
Location: Lavaklubi (Kansallisteatteri)
Price: free entrance
Address: L�ntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki

Meet the Other is an alternative way to say no to racism with live electronics, African music and dance, video and performance art. An event taking place at Lavaklubi (Kansallisteatteri, L�ntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki) on Tuesday March 31st at 7 pm. An event organised by Catalysti, a network of transcultura l artists working and living in Finland (


The programme includes:


Haruspex Ava Grayson (Canada), Tuomas Ahva (Finland) reverse crusade

electronic/experimental music and video live performance


Haruspex is an experimental music group consisting of members Ava Grayson and Tuomas Ahva. Using touchscreen instruments, repurposed samples, and self-built software instruments, they create semi-improvised sets. For their Meet the Other performance, they will be using both visual and audio material taken from news reports misconstruing and misrepresenting France’s *Zones Urbaines Sensibles *(Urban Sensitive Zones), broadcast shortly after the Paris events in January of this year.


Ismaila San� (Senegal) drums

A Senegalese born percussionist, singer, solo dancer of African ballet, choreographer and pedagogue. In Finland since 1999.


Njara Rasolo (Madagascar) dance

He started in 2001 with Compagnie Up the Rap, a dance company specialized in combining Street-dance, traditional Malagasy dance and contemporary dance. It was the first African street dance company to perform in Europe in 2001-06. Created his own company as a choreographer in Madagascar 2004. With Compagnie Up the Rap, he organized DIHH international dance festival: a documentary was made in 2006, �Ambony Ambany�, which got a special prize during the first movie festival in Madagascar.


Sepideh Rahaa (Iran) Matter of land, the distance between you and me

This performance challenges concept of oneself and otherness within the context of migrants� life


Marek Pluciennik (Poland/Canada), Alejandro Olarte (Colombia) video and sound art from the European project The City Ghettos of Today (

At the heart of this project lies a desire to redefine and re-examine the concept of ghetto in the context of todays clodes migrant districts. Through artistic creation and sociological research, the project aims to create a space in which to examine and discuss the multiple stories emanating from Europe migrant ghettos. How do we talk about ghettos today? Is it possible and even necessary to redefine the word in a manner that more accurately reflects the multiform realities that constitute our contemporary urban landscapes? What role do ghettos play in constructing an European identity? The City Ghettos of today entailed a series of workshops open to local communities in different European cities, Warsaw, Paris, Bologna, Milan, Helsinki, Antwerp and Berlin. Run by artists and cultural actors, each workshop installment concluded with an art installation and public debate.

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