Literature in many tongues � what languages does Finnish literature know?

Location: Turku City Library (Studio)
Address: Linnankatu 2, Turku

What is it like to work as an author in Finland when writing for example in Spanish or Russian and most of the readers live elsewhere?
During the afternoon writers and scholars discuss how language choices affect the habits of writing, opportunities in publishing, and the reception of the works. Authors tell about their relationship to languages and read extracts from their works.

The participants are the authors Roxana Cris�logo Correa, Ljudmila Kol and Inger-Marie Aikio, who performs together with the musician Miro Mantere, and  the comic artist Karstein Volle. They discuss with the researchers Julia Tidigs, Kukku Melkas, Olli L�ytty, Ralf Kauranen ja Heidi Gr�nstrand and the author Zinaida Lind�n and comic artist Mika Lietz�n.

Organisers:  The research project  Multilingualism in contemporary literature in Finland and Turku City Library
Contact: Heidi Gr�nstrand 
Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish and S�mi

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