Light is a Thing – photography workshop

Location: Helsinki Urban Art
Price: 50 € / Catalysti members 40 €
Address: Kasöörinkatu 3 00520 Helsinki

“Light Is A Thing” Workshop with Curt Richter, Sat. Sept. 7 @helsinkiurbanart; Expanding your understanding and control of light as a photographer is this workshop’s focus. It’s open to anyone interested in the fundamentals of photographic lighting. If you want to improve your images, having the ability to analyze images before you take them is a great advantage.

Organized by @helsinkiphotofestival #helsinkiphotofestival
Photograph by André Kertész.


Catalysti members will get a 20% discount, 40 € instead of 50 €. You just need to tell Helsinki Photo Festival when signing up. It’s a great workshop for anyone interested in understanding light; it’s not just for photographers.

Event date(s):
07.09.2019 – 12:00 to 18:00

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