Welcome to Ströms Manor on Helsinki Day, Wednesday 12 June 2019, from 4pm to 7pm. On the Hedvig shoreline path you can meet and old and wise woman and discuss life, death and everything in between in Finnish, Russian and even Ingrian.

At the same time you can admire the knitted graffiti in the surrounding trees that has been created out of lace made by skilled women.

This participatory and communal event aims to draw attention to the often hidden potential of elderly people and promote their status in society. This performance acts as a bridge to the younger generations so they can hear the wisdom of life experiences of the elderly. It also provides a perspective on the status of immigrants and asylum-seekers in our local environment and society.

Together with the Rudolf Service Home we have sourced materials about the historical background of Ingrian immigrants.

Script and production: Tatiana Solovieva
Actor: Viola Pekkanen

Free admission, no age limit

This performance is supported by:

Uudenmaan Kässämartat and Anarkistimartat
Helsingin kaupungin palvelukeskus Rudolf
Roihuvuoren monipuolinen palvelukeskus
Roihuvuori-Seura ry