Kino Club Session 2 “Indigenous Films”

Price: free
Address: Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki.

Welcome to the 2nd screening of Kino Club with the topic INDIGENOUS FILMS on Sunday 26th February of 2017 at Exlab 6pm. FREE ENTRANCE

– Performance: Throat Singing by Mikael Kosmos (Finland)
– Viktoria Mate, Mikael Kosmos “Throat 
singing documentary Kh��meizhi” (Finland and Hungary)
– Takashi Ito “The moon” (Japan)
-Rakel Aguirre, Alina O�Donell, Karla D�az Montalba “The lady of Percussion” (Cuba)
– Alexey Fedorchenko “Celestial Wives Of The Meadow Mari” (Russia)

Ex-Lab, Merimiehenkatu 36 C, Helsinki. 6:00 pm.

Kino club is organized by art students and the main purpose is to share the common interest in film and moving image related art.

Kino Club is supported by Kuvataideakatemia, University of the Arts Helsinki

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