2022 Kiila X Catalysti: The Educator’s Circle – Skillshare sessions with Marloes van Son

Kiila and Catalysti invite you to participate in the upcoming Skillshare session (part of Catalysti’s Educator’s Circle Programme)! This session is facilitated by Marloes van Son. The Skillshare workshops bring together Kiila and Catalysti members to meet, learn from each other and share their knowledges. This workshop has place for about 10 participants and will primarily be conducted in English (but Finnish too, if and when required). About the session:During this workshop we will build some simple sound boxes using a 555-timer to create a square wave oscillator that is controlled with push-buttons. We will start with a short introduction into electronic components and instrument design, after which we can make small changes to a provided schematic and solder the components in place. Finally (and if time allows it) we can play our sound devices together in a short improvised performance. About Marloes van Son:Marloes van Son creates sound-objects, installations, instruments and experimental music. Her artistic practice combines electronics, woodwork and sound in varying combinations. Through her work she explores everyday appliances and natural phenomena. She is fascinated by interactions between humans and technology and is currently obsessed with interface design.www.marloesvanson.nl The workshop has no registration fee however there would be material costs (primarily electronic components) of 12 euro/person. NB! In case you are unable to pay the material cost of 12 euros for this session for absolutely any reason (you do not need to disclose the reason to us), the association will be happy to pay on your behalf. The sessions are made possible thanks to funding granted by Arts Promotion Center Finland. Date: 30.07.2022, Saturday11am-18.00Address: Haapaniemenkatu, Helsinki  Please RSVP your participation latest by 18.07.2022 to and cc. Shubhangi (). Members of Kiila/Catalysti have priority but if you'd like to bring a friend along from outside these associations, we will be more than happy to have them–– just let us know!

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