Kiila X Catalysti: The Educator’s Circle – Skillshare sessions with Marek Pluciennik

Kiila and Catalysti will be co-organising this current series of the Skillshare sessions (part of Catalysti’s Educator’s Circle Programme). Below are the details for the session on 18.06 (Saturday). You are invited to participate in the session facilitated by Marek Pluciennik –– we’d love to see you there!

Time: 18.06.2022, Saturday, 10am-18.00
Place: Pulttitie 17, 00880 Helsinki
The Lab is a 10 min walk from the Siilitie Metro.
About the session:
The workshop will introduce black and white 16mm film developing techniques using a Lomo tank. The participants will shoot and develop the film in a developer made from scratch by the participants themselves. The workshops bring together Kiila and Catalysti members to meet, learn from each other and share their knowledges. This workshop has place for 10-12 participants and will primarily be conducted in English (but Finnish too, if and when required).
About Marek Pluciennik:
Marek Pluciennik is a Polish/Canadian filmmaker and cinema artist based in Helsinki. His work focuses on the material and ephemeral nature of the film medium. In his latest works, he interfaces traditional projectors with digital micro-controllers as he explores visual motion perception in the frame-based medium. The works are a meditative study at the extreme boundaries of apparent movement.
The workshop has no registration fee however there would be material costs (film/developing agents/studio) of 15 euro/person. This amount can be paid before or on the day of the workshop in any one of the following ways:
Mobile pay (phone number: +358414954382)
Bank: IBAN: FI5714703500844165
Cash: 15 e in cash is okay too.
NB! In case you are unable to pay the material cost of 15 euros for this session for absolutely any reason (you do not need to disclose the reason to us), then please let us know. In which case, the association will be happy to pay on your behalf.
There will be some snacks, tea and coffee but please don’t hesitate to bring any other food you’d like for yourselves.
Please RSVP your participation latest by 08.06.2022 on this email and cc. Shubhangi (). This will help us in organising the space and materials better. Members of either of the two organisations have priority but if you’d like to bring a friend along, we are more than happy to have them, please do mention if they are a member of Kiila/Catalysti member or not.
The sessions are made possible thanks to funding granted by Arts Promotion Center Finland. We’d also like to thank Britt-Al-Busultan and Filmverkstaden for the initial support provided.
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