Kemê: The calling (I) + Merja Hujo: Village Noir

Location: Suomenlinna
Address: Suomenlinna C 1, 00190 Helsinki

Welcome to the double exhibition of the artists Kemê (The calling I) and Merja Hujo (Village Noir – Mustavalkoinen Kylä ) at the gallery Rantakasarmi located in the beautiful Suomenlinna Island.


Kemê – The Calling (I)
This exhibition gathers a selection of some of the first works of the ongoing project “Villi Akka” by Kemê (Spain, 1983), a wild, powerful force that resides in the instinctual nature of women.

“We could say that this force is animalistic, her voice is a mute Pulse that awakes us from numbness, her figure in the corner of our eyes reflection and reflex, scaring us at night when the Darkness is to conform and suppress as the only acceptable way to be civilized. ” 
” Who is calling? “
Works include photography and installations.


Merja Hujo – Village Noir
The theme of the exhibition is Village Noir that is an imaginative community where absurd difference and diversity is richness. In Village Noir nobody is really black and white. Everybody is able to manifest themselves as they are.

I started to work on the series on 2015 without any kind of intention. It started to transform to a thought of an ideal community where everybody can feel they belong to just as they are.

On one night in November 2016 I saw something behind the trees through the window of my workspace that seemed some kind of light that appeared to be a white pony. So I painted series called ”Ponies of Bunuel” because of the association I got from the atmosphere of that moment. They also joined Village Noir.

Black and white colour connects these drawings and paintings together. In materializing the exhibition I have let the source of young spirit loose.

13.6.2018 – 5-7 pm

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