Jane’s Solstice

Location: Caisa (Kulttuuri Helsinki)
Price: Liput 10/15 € www.lippu.fi
Address: Kaikukatu 4 B, 00530 Helsinki

Performance of dance, voice and text.

An international group of dance artists will come to Caisa’s stage to present their newest work of dance, voice and text.
Interlacing unique moments and poetry of the immediate, Jane’s Solstice brings to light the subtle aspect of dance and text. The whole essence of the piece is articulated and developed in this transformation from the invisible to the visible, from the implicit to the explicit.

From the bottom of the darkness, we smell glimmer
From the bowels of the earth, we hear peaks calling us to climb
We crown our gods on even days
And dethrone them on odd ones
We’ll get somewhere
If time only has mercy on us
And there we’ll celebrate and sing our pagan songs…

Concept, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya, Paolo Cingolani, Julyen Hamilton

Duration: 55 min

On Sunday 27.10. after the performance, there will be a public talk facilitated by Paula Tuovinen.

Tickets 10/15€

About the working group:

Vera Lapitskaya is a dance artist born in Russia and currently resident in Helsinki. Since 2009 she has been working as a solo performer as well as in collaboration with other artists in Finland and internationally. She is interested in composing dances and texts instantly in close relation with live music and objects.

Paolo Cingolani is an Italian dancer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. His work is characterized by a specific training on intuition as the first tool to create dance and text in performance. He mostly works as an independent artist, making performance and projects with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. Since 2012 he is a member of Allen’s Line Company of Julyen Hamilton.

Julyen Hamilton, born and brought up in England he trained in London in the 1970s, a time of radical experimentation, he has been an exponent of innovative performance since that time. He has been making and performing dances for 40 years throughout the world. Since the 80’s he has performed constantly in close collaboration with many of the highest quality musicians and artists from all over Europe. He is regularly invited to teach in major training centres throughout the world, his pedagogy centring on the elements of space, time, voice and dramaturgy. He is a director and choreographer of Allen’s Line company.

Event dates and times:

26.10.2019 – 18:00 to 19:00
27.10.2019 – 15:00 to 16:00


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