INTERBEING dance piece

Location: Indictus-studio
Price: 15€ employed, 10€ unemployed, dance artist, student, retired
Address: Intiankatu 3 00560 Helsinki

Welcome to the open doors of INTERBEING – dance piece by Maya M. Carroll, Vera Lapitskaya & Nadja Pärssinen.

The word INTERBEING comes from Buddhism. It is a way to describe how every living thing is made of elements that aren’t itself. As dance artists who’s practices privilege attention and attunement to sensation, listening, and relationship through instant composition, we are actively honing and refining our porousness and our ability to both define and expand the territory of our physical and emotional boundaries towards connection. In our porosity and listening with each other, there is a reflection of this state of INTERBEING; the ability to recognize ‘other’ within ourselves, and through that to allow ourselves to be changed – simultaneously softened and made more resilient – by our innate interconnection.

The event is part of Catalysti Transcultural Artists in Finland cultural activities of the year 2021. The event is supported by Taike – Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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Intiankatu 3, 00560 Helsinki


2.6.2021, 7-8 pm

3.6.2021, 7-8 pm + short artist talk max. 20 min.

15€ employed, 10€ unemployed, dance artist, student, retired (discount codes: 2.6. 696357, 3.6. 278988). The tickets income will go entirely to the production.
For each event we can take max. 10 people to the audience!
More information / INTERBEING working group:
Maya Matilda Carroll is an independent choreographer, performer, mentor and teacher, based in Berlin since 2004. In the past sixteen years she has created over 40 works from solo to extended group pieces, collaborating with dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, actors, opera singers, stage and light designers. Maya has been making dance independently as well as being invited to create pieces in state theaters, independent companies and dance academies. In 2011 she formed The Instrument with her partner, musician / composer Roy Carroll. Her work is anchored in the meeting point between the tangible and imagined; reality and myth, drawn from and towards the limitless expression of the dancing body.
Vera Lapitskaya is a dance artist based in Helsinki. Since 2009, she has both worked as an independent solo artist and in collaboration with other artists in Finland and internationally. In her artistic work Lapitskaya explores the closeness of physical and verbal expression, as well as the multi-layered proximity between human body, sound, rhythm, space, time, and objects.
Nadja Pärssinen (Fin./Rus.) is a Finnish choreographer, dancer and movement teacher based in Southern Finland. Often her works involves dialogue between movement and music, interdisciplinary art forms, and linguistics. Her choreographic thinking is inspired contact and compositional thinking, task and process orientations, lightness, playfulness and also stepping on the edge of the unknown.
She is an initiator of a platform FlowWowProductions.
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