In Practice w/ FAR Night School: On Intersectionality

Location: Museum of Impossible Forms
Price: Free
Address: Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 00940 Helsinki

FAR Night School’s spring term 2020 will continue with the “In Practice” series, in collaboration with Museum of Impossible Forms.

In the upcoming sessions, we tackle terms often used in relation to feminism and anti-racism. The first one will be “Intersectionality”, which we will discuss on the 30th of January 2020.

Some questions that we will address are:

-What does intersectionality mean as it was first used?
-How is it being used in today’s feminist and anti-racist work?
-What does intersectionality mean in practice?
-What are its contributions to understanding equity?

This FAR Night School Session will be conducted in the spirit of mutual learning, where we learn from each other and come up with better questions together. The main focus will be on unravelling how the term can be useful in understanding and confronting everyday life situations in feminist, anti-racist and class-confrontational ways.

Participation is open to all, and no prior knowledge or experience of the topic is required. As in all our sessions, you are free to join for all or part of the session and participate in ways that feel best for you. There is no compulsion to actively speak and participate, and silent observing is an equally welcome way of taking part in our collective learning process.

We do ask all our participants to follow safer space guidelines that we will share at the beginning of the event. We will also have a dedicated person responsible for ensuring everyone enjoys a discrimination-free experience. All sessions are free and open to everyone without prior registration. Sessions are independent, and attendance in other sessions is not required for participation.

Welcome, see you soon!

P.S: Please note the dates of our next sessions: 20th of February, 19th of March, and 16th of April


Museum of Impossible Forms is a cultural space, located in Kontula, Helsinki. It is a contested Space and it represents a contact zone, a space of unlearning, formulating identity constructs, norm-critical consciousness and critical thinking. Impossible Forms are those that erase and facilitate the process of transgressing the boundaries/borders between art, politics, practice, theory, the artist and the spectator. For 2019-2020, Museum of Impossible Forms operates under the curatorial theme of ‘The Atlas of Lost Beliefs (For Insurgents, Citizens and Untitled Bodies)’

Museum of Impossible Forms is a safer space. It follows safer space policies to create a welcoming, inclusive, awesome environment.

Events at the Museum of Impossible Forms are completely free and accessible without prior booking.

Museum of Impossible Forms is accessible by lift with thresholds up to 4cm on the way. The toilet has no thresholds but is not spacious enough to meet accessibility standards. The nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula metro station.

For directions, please refer to this Map:

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