Giorgio Convertito: You Know It Only When You’re There

Location: Cultural Centre Valve, Valvesali
Price: Tickets: 10� / 8� / 4�
Address: Hallituskatu 7, Oulu

�When I dance I know something I don�t know when I don�t dance, something only the dancing body understands�

This new work has its foundation on this statement that ended Convertito�s last solo, �Something Possibly Entertaining�, which enquired in a light and comical way on why one chooses to be a dancer.

This time Giorgio Convertito, together with musician Moritz Cartheuser, delves into a space of discovery, intuitive knowledge and stream of consciousness, looking for the potential of dance as a way to access and expand knowledge about our existence, at the same calling urgently to look at dance beyond what is aesthetic or entertainment.

What is this knowledge he is talking about?
Can it be verbalized or can it be expressed only as movement?
How does sensory motor understanding inform us about our social and environmental situation as dynamic beings?

Concept: Giorgio Convertito
Choreography: Giorgio Convertito in collaboration with Terhi Vaimala
On stage: Giorgio Convertito (dance) and Moritz Cartheuser (electric guitar and effects)

Two sessions:
28th November at 7 pm
29th November at 7 pm

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