Ephemeral Philm

Location: Gallery Myymälä2
Price: Free entry
Address: UUDENMAANKATU 23, Helsinki

POV is dead. Persistance of Vision was disproved as a viable explanation for illusion of movement, in frame based moving image.
I invite you for a perceptual adventure and to rub your eyeballs on my experiments on the subjects of flicker fusion, persistance of vision, afterimage and others. 

WARNING : Considerable flicker may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Marek Pluciennik is an independent filmmaker, live art and cinema artist in Helsinki since the mid 90’s.

His films and video have been screened among others in Madatac07 Festival in Madrid, Images Film Festival in Toronto, International Short Film Festival in Tampere, as well as contemporary art galleries in Poland, Sweden, Hungary and Hong Kong.

He currently explores intuitive filming practices within live art and music based structures, focusing on live video and projection, through which he probes the concept of presence.

The exhibition is at gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki. Open until 16.9. Wed-Sat 12-18, Sun 12-17, Mon-Tue closed.

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