Edwina Goldstone: MOTHER – a thin red line / OPEN, check opening rules

Location: Myymälä2 Gallery
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Edwina Goldstone: MOTHER – a thin red line
Näyttely / Exhibition

19.03.2020 from 18:00 to 20:00

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Goldstone’s exhibition “MOTHER – a thin red line” re-examines and re-visits notions of the “mother-child relationship”, so often seen in art history as a sentimental connection between mother and child – here the works explore the more often complex and difficult relationship, moving between the voice of the mother, the child and an analytic observer. Towards a critical visualization and documentation of this unique bond.

The emotional bond between mother and child is often complex, subtle and abstract. With the cutting of the umbilical cord, physical attachment to our mothers ends and the emotional, psychological attachment begins. While the first attachment provides everything we need to thrive inside the womb, many psychologists believe the second attachment provides the psychological foundation and maybe even the social and physical buffers we need to thrive in the world.

“You may only remember a gentle caress or a slap from her hand, harsh or comforting words from her mouth, but only you deep down understand how she was to you. You may say it sometimes, but more often, you keep it in your heart.”

The exhibition features a variety of techniques and mediums that Goldstone feels best address the aesthetical issues, including the element of sewing and embroidery, which the artist strongly associates to her mother.

Artefacts and photographs from the artist’s personal archive, painting, installations and sound works.

The artwork and exhibition is funded by:

The Finnish Cultural Foundation & the Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Edwina Goldstone (b. 1962. England) is a visual artist working across multiple disciplines, based in Finland since 1994. Exploring the relationships between identity, memory and the geographical imagination, her works involve layering of alternate realities, made up from ‘the imagined’ (the handmade), ‘the real’, and ‘the historical’, often starting with archetypal images or objects that are imbued with personal histories and cultural significance. Goldstone gained a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Norwich University College of the Arts, UK in 2008.


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